Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Duck's away!

So much for the annual first fish of the year. New years day was lovely and sunny which made a change from what was thrown at us over Christmas, the rivers were out of bounds so I went to Ryton with a Pikey plan in my head. Saw some non predators break surface in one part of the lake but didn't have the tackle or the bait to chuck at them, they'd have to wait till the next visit. The session was a blank which is the first time I've not caught on new years day for a long time.

When you get a chance to fish mid week the weekend's come round really quickly, it only seemed like a couple of days of work had passed before I was back on the lake.
It was our first fish of the 'Duck Challenge'. We settled on a Pike session at Ryton, Barry was fishing one rod on maggot and suggested that I bring some Carp gear with me, it was already in my bag as I'd seen some fish show a few days earlier.
We weren't there too long before another angler fishing the road bank netted a nice mid double Mirror, a small framed fish with a big belly, maybe of the 'Mellissa' strain? It was lovely to see and I couldn't wait for a run from a Ryton Carp myself as I hadn't had one on the bank since early last year.
After a two hour wait I was startled when bobbin rose and the rod tip pulled round signalling a good take, it was a very dull fight and closer to the bank I could see that it wasn't the Carp I'd hoped for but a Bream.
A nice five pounder.
I was surprised as I can't remember the last time I caught a Bream at this time of year, very welcome though.

Neither of us caught anything else and at the end of the session the first Duck of the year went to Barry.