Monday, 25 November 2013

Chasing Tales

My fishing has been a little hit and miss lately, mostly miss, I haven't been out for ages and the last trip, for Pike, ended in a blank for me and two fish for Barry. This has meant that the duck was still mine even though I didn't actually have it! Barry could not find the duck, I was on the verge of sending out a distress call to all bloggers in case they find the poor little yellow one on the bank somewhere but Barry intervened saying he had found it and would bring it along for the next session.
Who has more teeth?
The past two weekends have been spent at home trying to get a few jobs done around the house, the sort of job's that keep getting put off till later, only, 'later' was here and they needed doing. This weekend I managed to reserve a pass for a session on Sunday and true to his word, the duck accompanied us on a session on the canal. Pike was the quarry but a Zander would put points on the board as it's only a few weeks till the end of the year and I certainly don't want to be the holder of the duck when the bell tolls midnight at the start of the new year.
We were looking for a quick bite so settled on a spot of leap frogging to cover ground the thought being that if we plopped a dead bait on a fishes head it'll more than likely take it, much better than sitting behind motionless bobbins in one spot. 
A passer by told a tale of a large fish being caught at a feature a good half mile down the canal from where we started so the leap frogging became a hike and it wasn't long before we had four rods spread out around our new swim. it was a good move as within half an hour my right hand rod kicked into life the bobbin twitching up about half an inch so something was showing interest in the bait, the bobbin remained motionless for a while so decided to reposition but not before puncturing the now thawed bait in several places. It worked, as soon as I parked my arse on the seat after casting out, it was away pulling up tight at first then dropping slack, It was a Zander and a reasonably good one.
First fish from the new spot.
It was a real shame that no sooner than Barry had presented me with the duck, it had to be handed back, as soon as my rod was re-cast to the same spot the duck was repositioned on top of Barry's bag. The same rod was soon showing signs of something being interested in the bait and it was away again, another Zed.
Second Zed.