Thursday, 19 June 2014

First Fishing Trip

I have a little assistant that helps me with my boilie making and general sorting out of fishing gear and for weeks, when I've said that I'm going fishing, I've heard the little words "Can I come too". Normally I say no because your still too small or it's too cold or too wet but at the weekend I planned a short trip for us both to enjoy. It wasn't anything to adventurous, just a fun trip to catch a fish so armed with a pole and a selection of baits (Bread and worm) we headed to Ryton and the first peg on the concrete bank.

All set up and ready to catch
First fish was a small Perch and I allowed Cerys to stroke the fish and feel it's spiky dorsal fin, time for a quick photo and I was so surprised to see her pick the Perch out of the net to pose for a picture.
My only excuse for the slow session was crap bait, the lack of maggots means that the fishing was a little slow, short attention spans drifted into colouring in pictures and seeing if stones floated! A handful of wrigglers were acquired and bites increased but I couldn't keep the fish on the hook, bit out of practise with a pole and kept bumping them off! Amazingly, Cerys wasn't scared of handling maggot's "They tickle" she said holding them in her hand.
A roach was next to the net and she held this in her open hands before returning it, the fish survived.
Sharon was horrified to hear that I'd allowed Cerys to handle worms and maggots but we both had fun and at the age she is, that's what counts.