Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Back on the Pool

I was back on the pool last weekend, trying out my new waders by clearing out a fallen tree from the back of the island area, after several cuts and drags up the bank it was out and I used a rake to clear as much of the debris from the bottom, this spot is very soft and choddy underfoot so not everything could be removed, an interesting spot to watch for the future though!. I also got rid of a few more branches from various swims around the lake with a few more pegs to sort out and clear this weekend.

I did get out on the Sunday to wet a line and was quite surprised to get three skimmers all on 18mm boilies, how they manage it I don't know.

Bait thief
It was a long day but I was confident of a proper take from a Carp as one of the areas I'd fished to had been regularly topped up through the day with frequent casts, small ball of groundbait and boilies. The bite came early evening with the bobbin lifting an inch stopping for a few minutes and then taking off, it didn't take long to come in and it was lovely to see a mirror roll over the cord.

Lovely Mirror
The only Carp of the session at thirteen pound six ounce, the colour makes me think it's one of the stock fish put in a while back.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

An ounce short!

After last weeks Carping session the bug has got me and today's session on the canal was to try and catch a Carp. It was cold and to be honest I didn't think I had a chance to bag anything but baits were positioned and I sat back and waited for a take.

About an hour into the session the bobbin on my right hand rod slammed against the blank and the line pulled up bow tight as something sprung the trap.

After a brief scrap a lovely mirror one ounce short of nineteen pounds graced the bottom of the net.

An ounce short of nineteen
Sadly, this was the only fish of the day.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Been a while!

It's been a while since my last post and no excuses I just haven't had the time, family and work commitments are keeping me away from the bank,  I can just count the fishing trips this year on one hand.

It was a surprisingly mild day today and the fish in my pond where up on top, just what I like to see when a spot of Carp fishing was the plan. There was no rocket science involved in the choice of today's swim and I was fortunate enough to find it available when I arrived. The weeks visiting half term rabble had done a grand job of ground baiting the spot to be fished and nothing more fancy than white pop ups were chucked over to the bird feeding area. I had one take within minutes and a lovely common just short of a double soon graced the bottom of the net.

Little Common
Barry managed a couple of Pike so the duck looked to be heading my direction but a late bite resulted in what felt like a much better fish on the end of my line, it wasn't as big as it first felt but did make double figures at fourteen four.

Nice Mirror