Sunday, 24 March 2013


I'm struggling to find anything to blog about at the moment, I've still only had the one Bream so far this year not for the want of trying. I've been out several times in an attempt to bank my first Carp of the year but luck has not been on my side, the fishing has just been 'pants!'
we were out last weekend at Ryton and typically it snowed through half of the session but my confidence grew slightly when I had a fish rolled over the spot where both baits were positioned, I so wanted one of those rods to roar off. It didn't happen and I even made a quick move to a spot that has always produced a fish or two but still managed to blank.
Something I have been doing for the past couple of sessions is sharpening my hooks using the Jag kit that I bought at the Ricoh show a few weeks ago. Using the eye piece to view the point of the hook is a real eye opener, a sharp hook straight out of the packet looks surprisingly dull even though it feels sticky sharp, after a few strokes with the file the point is unbelievable.
Something else that happened at the beginning of the month was Cerys's birthday, can't believe she's two already. A party was had for family and a few friends and fun was had by all.
Who ate all the cheese?