Thursday, 29 April 2010

Who put that in there?

I had a phone call from Barry this evening, apparently my ugly mug is in tonight's Evening Telegraph, I had to go and get a copy from the corner shop to have a look for myself and there it is.

It's a shame they chopped part of the head and tail off the fish and got the name of the venue wrong.

I haven't fished at Jubilee yet this year!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Does this count?

Saturday was a more relaxed session, Sharon accompanied me together with a large bag of sandwiches, pork pies and cake and we sat in the sun on the point opposite the island enjoying a few rays, having a bite to eat, Sharon was reading a book and I was wetting a line, how perfect was that. It was even better when one of my alarms signalled a run and after a short tussle I had one of Rytons finest Tench in the bottom of the net, my gillie for the day was on hand to take a picture.
After having three consecutive casts to the front of the island picked up by a Coot within minutes of them touching the water, the PVA hadn't even melted, I moved it's position round to the side of the island to a spot tight up against the overhanging tree's. My gillie left me to my devices at about four thirty and I continued on the point for another hour before moving, I was having a chat with a fellow angler and preparing for the move when the rod to the back of the island decide to spring into life as a second smaller Tench picked up the bait, as soon as it was returned I was off to set a couple of traps for a Carp.
Rigs were cast into their new positions and the wait for a feeding Carp was on. The wait ended up being around two hours but to see the line twitch and tighten up before the spool starts spinning to release line to a running fish is worth the wait. It didn't feel that big, the fight wasn't so hurried and erratic as a Tench and to be honest there wasn't really a fight, I just guided the running fish to my near bank and allowed it to thrash around before netting.
Despite it's small size it is what I was fishing for so I guess it does count although how it managed to get the bait I was using into it's mouth I don't know.

It's a very similar shape to the six pound fish that I had a few weeks ago only a touch smaller at five and three quarters.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Crystal clear in the shadows.

I arrived for a late session just after three, my first view of the lake was greeted by several carp milling around on the top in the corner bay, I carried on down the road bank towards the car park and couldn't believe how clear the lake had become in a matter of days, I was here on Wednesday evening with a marker rod and there was still some colour in the water, today you could see how shallow this lake really is!

I had almost done a complete circuit of the lake when I saw Colin on the top of a bank watching some slightly bigger Carp through the tree's doing the same as the others, teasing the anglers into having a go, so I did. I set up in a corner I've not fished for a long time and cast towards the front of the tree line, rods were laid on the ground without alarms as I was expecting this to be a hit'n'run affair. I missed the first run, (or it was dropped) but a second and third pulled away shortly after, they were both Tench. Baits were back on their spots and at around five thirty my first Carp fizzed line off the reel in it's bid for freedom and it really did pull some line off the reel, with most of it's energy spent it came to the net without too much fuss. On inspection, the hook hold was very deep inside it's mouth so this fish wasn't coming off, it must have been having a proper feed to get hooked so deep.

The shadows of the tree's I was under make this fish look like it has bands of colour but it was an immaculate, evenly coloured common that pulled the scales round to 11lb.

After letting the fish rejoin it's friends I thought about moving as the disturbance in this corner was sure to have scared everything off to the the far side of the lake but no, there were still some dark shapes mooching about under the tree's so the rods were soon back on their spots with fresh bags attached ready for the next take. It was about half an hour later that there was a start stop run on one of the rods, I knew it was another small Tench and it was to be my third of the session. After recasting again I thought I was going to be in for an evening of Tench fishing but I noticed a few larger dark shapes moving around one of the baits, I was willing that rod to go, breathing the word "C'mon" and watching for the line to tighten, when I glanced over to where the fish were I missed the take, the line had instantly pulled tight and was leaving the reel at a rate of knots so I picked up the rod and let it go, it Paused and shook it's head around making me think it was another Tench but it was too heavy to be one of them, strangely, the fish just wallowed and thumped around as I gently pumped it back to the mesh and just before it reached the cord I backed the drag right off in case it woke up.

This fish was a bit of a hot potato on the mat but I managed a few pictures without getting a slap from that massive tail, the scales read off 16lb 14oz's.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sunday Session - What a Cracker!

With my commitments that had been put off from Saturday out of the way by lunchtime, I was free for a late session on Sunday and started at around three. After about an hour and whilst chatting to Colin on the top of the bank one of the rods was off, the screamer I thought was a Carp ended up as a rather feisty male Tench but welcome all the same.

Another hour passed and I was just swapping my sunglasses for my specs when I had another screamer of a run. When I struck it felt proper carpy this time and I'm not sure if the fish knew what was happening as it tore about in all directions and swam over my second line dragging this around, it did eventually give up for the net, Andy was watching from the top of the bank and assisted in the photographing and weighing. (Cheers Andy)

Andy gave me 16lb for this common.

Just before seven, I was again at the top of the bank having a chat with Barry who had just packed up for the evening and the same rod was off again, why is it that fish always bite when you are furthest from your rod, just about to eat or packing up to leave?
This was another Carp but I was very confused by the fight, it was heavy but felt a bit like a Tench, Barry suggested it might be one of the big bream but when I saw it I was very surprised, the shape was like a mini Malissa but as a mirror carp, very short and a belly like a football, I'm sure Colin mentioned this fish earlier on so it was nice to catch her the same day.

14lb 8oz.

I'm not sure if Melissa's genetic make-up has anything to do with the shape of this mirror but I do know of another common of a similar size in the lake (Short Round) with the same extended belly, could they be Melissa's offspring?

Short Round, Melissa and the new member of the family.

I was very happy with the way the evening was going as I've only managed single Carp per weekend so far so to catch two in a session was great. I'd just recast one rod and left it on the rest to allow the line to sink when the bobbin on the second rod hit the front of the alarm, there was no run so I initially thought it was a Tench and struck expecting one, what I didn't expect was a Carp, it tore off at at great rate of knots away from me straight down the tree line and broke surface before heading in towards the trees, I put some pressure on and turned it but it kept twisting and turning before swimming straight back towards me, it wasn't too long before I had it plodding around under the rod tip making lots of short energetic runs, it refused the net several times but eventually submitted.

Another immaculate Common at 17lb 10oz's.

This was a cracker of a short session.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Email from Anthony

Just had this email from Anthony, I think we're all guilty of fishing where we shouldn't.

Hi Roger

We have had a minor complaint about anglers at Ryton Pool. It’s not a major issue at the moment but we are in negotiations for a new lease so I don’t want anything to reflect badly on us. Our current arrangement excludes any fishing from the car park bank, from the duck feeding area at one end to the overflow at the other. The disabled platform is strictly for blue badge disabled anglers.

So, if you happen to see any anglers fishing that bank, perhaps you would ask them to move. I’ll do the same.

I saw a guy catch a nice mirror about 3 lbs the other day so there are more generations coming along.

Thanks for your help

Best regards

Anthony Simmons tel 01926 312319

Leamington Angling Association

Thirteen hours and .......

Today's session was only going to be an early, fishing till just after lunch. I'd had a good Tench earlier on after swapping pegs and with the wind pushing onto the island I was sure that a few more would follow.
Just before midday I started to see one or two dark shapes moving in front of the island, I was sure they were Carp. I thought about getting a zig ready and after seeing a fish break the surface I quickly put one together and put it out in amongst the gathering.
I couldn't get tight enough to the island from this swim so permission was sought to extend my session and after a pass was issued I moved to the other side of the lake to get a better angle to the island. I chucked every colour and depth at them but they would not take. It's amazing how quickly time flies, the afternoon disappeared, I gave up at around six I moved over to Morris's to try and settle my score before the sun set.

Thirteen hours and only one Tench!

A score to settle!

A scorcher of a day compared to what we've been having, even the easterly wind felt warm. I'd set up on Morris's to try a new version of my Method rig and it worked, I had a good Tench on the second chuck so I was all fingers crossed with the hope that a few more Tench and Carp might move onto the bed of bait I was building up.

The second rod was cast towards the tree's as a sleeper rod with the hope of nailing a Carp as they move along that feeding line. It just goes to show that the best laid plans don't always work as they should, the rest of the afternoon/evenings Tench came on this rod and not the Method.

It was getting late and the car park had shut but there was a good half an hour left before the sun set and peace and calm was starting to settle on the lake as everything got ready to sleep, it's a shame it was spoilt by the scream from my alarm as something made off with my bait, line fizzed off the reel as I picked up the rod and leant into the fish, this was not a happy Carp, it hit the surface and thrashed and that's when the hook came out.
The next few minutes was like an extract from Dan's blogs, I marched up and down the bank, arm around my head like I'd just missed a goal for England.

I now have a score to settle with a Carp on the Method.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Poacher's Luck.

I spent most of today at Ryton in search of another Carp. The session started at around eight and I went to my usual peg, Dan was over on Morris's and I was hoping he'd have better luck than last week! After a couple of very quiet hours I decided to make a move and get a bait into the calm patch on the front of the island ready for when the sun moved around, I'd seen a few fish move there yesterday. Barry (Return to Ryton) joined Dan on the far bank so it was turning into a gathering of bloggers, not long after Barry arrived Dan had his first Tench of the day.
I didn't feel comfortable with my move, the sun was obscured by cloud and there were no signs of any carpy activity but sometimes you have to try things to find out if they work or not, I gave it a couple of hours then made a third move back to the peg I started on. After Sharon brought me a late picnic lunch I noticed Dan start to pack his gear away, it was then that Sharon noticed a large Carp jump in line with Dan's swim, I turned to look and another Carp jumped just to the right, they were good fish and the first signs of Carp activity all day. I couldn't reach that far from the peg I was on so made the fourth move of the day over to Morris's, Dan had just left there and judging by the amount of Tench slime on the front of his top I'm sure he'd had a good session, I'll read his blog later.
I put two baits and PVA bags onto the spots where I'd seen the Carp show so it was just a matter of sitting back and waiting, I noticed Barry (The Fly) creeping into one of his spots by the fence, the little poacher! I started to pack up at around six and heard Barry's alarm sound and saw him lean into a good fish, I finished packing my stuff away and headed over to have a look at what he'd caught and lend a hand if needed.

What a lovely fish, a common of 17lb, barry's first Ryton Carp of the year.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cuckoo cuckoo!

Yesterday afternoon/evenings session ended in a blank, everything looked good for a bite but the only thing biting were the midges and with another warm calm day forecast for today I felt I'd have to start early to connect with a fish. I arrived at the lake just as the sun was rising, there was a slight mist on the water and I had the call of a cuckoo coming from the woods behind the lake in the background, lovely.

I had a good look around the lake and couldn't see any visible signs of fish feeding so set up on a peg I know well. First chuck was with a pop up and whilst I was setting up a bankstick with the alarms I had the first take, the line pulled up tight and line started to pull from the reel before stopping, I struck but felt nothing.
A good hour passed before I had another take this time on the bottom bait rod, I was convinced it was a line bite at first as the bobbin rose to the alarm then dropped back but I kept getting twitches on the line, the bobbin rose and dropped again so I decided to pick up the rod and feel for a bite and just as I did the line fell slack so I reeled and lifted the rod then watched the line angle quickly change before connecting with the fish a good thirty metres from where I'd cast the bait, the brief tussle drew a small audience of dog walkers on the path behind me and after netting and weighing my prize I put one of them to work by getting them to take the picture.

12lb 2ozs of fast moving common.

Another hour or so passed and I saw a fish show further around the lake so I decided to make a move and try to connect with a second fish. Not long after putting a bait onto the spot where I'd seen the Carp show, a good sized fish jumped twice, I gave that rod another hour with nothing.
It's nice to see a bit of colour around the lake, this sunny spell is putting some green back on the trees and it won't be long before the fish start heading for the margin cover, it's also nice to hear the 'chitter chatter' of martins overhead, a good sign that summer is on the way.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Another Quick One!

Monday, left it till later in the day starting the session at around two thirty. Dan was on peg one so I stopped to catch up on things and we were shortly joined by Barry, I dropped my stuff onto peg two and put a couple of lines out before rejoining the social, it wasn't long before I heard some intermittent beeps from one of the alarms so ran to investigate, I picked up the rod and felt a bit of weight but it soon became apparent that a tuftie had tangled itself in my line midway between the rod and rig, I quickly untangled the poor thing and it swam away fine.
The rod was put back on the spot, I put another fresh PVA bag out on my second rod and returned to the top of the bank to continue the chat with Dan. After a short while, I heard the alarm sound again, this time on the bottom bait, I struck and immediately felt several good thumps back up the line and thought, tench!
As Tench go, it was a good hard scrap but two and three quarter test rods don't do them justice, the fish was a good size though. (Cheers Dan for taking the photo)

I gave it another hour then made a move around to the disabled peg to get onto the back of the strong cold wind, I thought the wind had got a bit warmer earlier on but with this peg being exposed to the southerly wind it felt very chilly on my back.
I saw a few bubblers in that bay but had no takes.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Quick One!

I spent the first part of the Easter break in North Wales, a bit of a mad two days cramming in as many places as we could in between visiting family but it was worth it, we had a couple of hours on the beach at Llandudno early on Saturday morning, it was flat calm and the sun was very warm on my bald spot! the only thing missing was my beach rod and a multi hook trace baited with lugworm and peeler to catch a flounder or two from the bay.
Woke up tired on Sunday so was quite happy just to do an afternoon session at Ryton and got there at around two thirty and set up in one of my usual spots on the back of a very cold wind, there was one other angler on the point who packed up shortly after I arrived, as he walked past he said to me 'I heard you had one' my reply was 'not today, I've only just got here', he thought I was the same chap that was fishing this spot in the morning so something must have been caught from this peg earlier in the day.
The usual combination went out on two rods to the usual spots and the waiting game began, after about an hour Barry arrived for a short session so I was having a quick catch up on events with him at the top of the bank when my left hand alarm screamed as line peeled off the reel at a fairly rapid rate I immediately clambered down the bank at a rapid rate to catch up with the fish.
The buoyant curiosity teaser had got the better of this Carp and it wasn't happy, it tore off across the lake flipping on the top a few times and at one point I thought it had come off as it turned and swam straight towards me but I managed to keep in touch with it to avoid a thrown hook, when it got closer in I could see that it wasn't as big as it felt but was very welcome, Barry did an excellent job of netting it and held it in the margins while I got the mat and scales ready.

10lb 12ozs, I think it was a male as it was long and slim and was lacking the spawn filled belly that the females usually have this time of year.
(A big thanks to Barry for taking the picture)
Barry setup on the peg next door and put a deadbait out on one rod and fished maggot on the second hoping for some Perch but we both remained fishless for the rest of the afternoon/evening.