Sunday, 11 April 2010

Poacher's Luck.

I spent most of today at Ryton in search of another Carp. The session started at around eight and I went to my usual peg, Dan was over on Morris's and I was hoping he'd have better luck than last week! After a couple of very quiet hours I decided to make a move and get a bait into the calm patch on the front of the island ready for when the sun moved around, I'd seen a few fish move there yesterday. Barry (Return to Ryton) joined Dan on the far bank so it was turning into a gathering of bloggers, not long after Barry arrived Dan had his first Tench of the day.
I didn't feel comfortable with my move, the sun was obscured by cloud and there were no signs of any carpy activity but sometimes you have to try things to find out if they work or not, I gave it a couple of hours then made a third move back to the peg I started on. After Sharon brought me a late picnic lunch I noticed Dan start to pack his gear away, it was then that Sharon noticed a large Carp jump in line with Dan's swim, I turned to look and another Carp jumped just to the right, they were good fish and the first signs of Carp activity all day. I couldn't reach that far from the peg I was on so made the fourth move of the day over to Morris's, Dan had just left there and judging by the amount of Tench slime on the front of his top I'm sure he'd had a good session, I'll read his blog later.
I put two baits and PVA bags onto the spots where I'd seen the Carp show so it was just a matter of sitting back and waiting, I noticed Barry (The Fly) creeping into one of his spots by the fence, the little poacher! I started to pack up at around six and heard Barry's alarm sound and saw him lean into a good fish, I finished packing my stuff away and headed over to have a look at what he'd caught and lend a hand if needed.

What a lovely fish, a common of 17lb, barry's first Ryton Carp of the year.


  1. Roger, I met Barry (fly) whilst I was visiting Pete at Ryton last night. He was asking about the rudd so please tell him that approx 150lb of them went into Ryton recently. I think he was considering them only as pike-food mind!


  2. Keith, I must admit that my first thought was for the Pike, when I'd heard that Rudd had gone in. Makes a change from their usual Tench and Perch diet!

    I didn't realise as much as 150lb had been introduced though. I'll keep an eye out for them now.