Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Here Pikey Pikey!

Barry phoned me up last week and asked if I'd like to go on a bit of a Pike fishing session to one of his many haunts, a pass had already been granted so I agreed, like I didn't need much persuading.

Saturday afternoon arrived, as we set the gear up there was a bit of drizzle in the air along with a strong but pleasant smell of burning charcoal and wood from the stoves on the nearby canal boats, we were fairly sheltered from the wind in the spots we chose and had the water to ourselves. It was going to be a late afternoon/evening session so to save time I had everything organised and prepared, it was just a matter of attaching baits and casting out.
After a very brief half an hour I had a take on the bait that was only lobbed out a couple of rod lengths. The strike met with good solid resistance as a very nice sized Pike rolled on the surface, it came in fairly easily then woke up and made several attempts to get out of the pound we were fishing. Once netted I was very satisfied as my PB Pike was only just over twelve pounds, this one pulled the scales passed that and settled on fourteen pounds and four ounces, a new personal best.

A good chunky fish.
Barry was next but even though the Pike pulled hard it was only a Jack with a very nasty scar near it's tail.

Anyone need a tooth pulling?

Nasty bite mark!
After only having one fish each on Saturday, I think Barry fancied a rematch on the Sunday and invited me to join him at Ryton for a few hours Piking. A family swim had been planned for lunchtime which meant I didn't get to the lake until half three so it was only going to be a very short, late session. As it turned out, I didn't need that long to get a fish on the bank.
It was exactly twenty five minutes (Barry likes to time these things) after casting out my first bait that my bobbins started to jump around as a fish made off with the Mackerel. It was another solid fight and another long fish soon found itself in the bottom of my net, however, even though this fish was long with a huge head, it's body was very thin. On the scales it only managed nine pounds and four ounces and was the only fish of the session.

Big head!!
Whilst passing the camera to Barry I managed to smear the lens with Pike slime (my excuse for the bad photo) I don't think they do a 'Pike Slime' plug-in for photoshop!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Like Buses.

A couple of weekends ago I fished one of my favourite swims on the stretch of canal near Long Itchington.
Bites started pretty much straight away but they were very tentative and I was experiencing a lot of dropped takes which were probably from smaller fish. Typically, when I least expected it, I had a run on both rods at the same time but after a bit of rod and net juggling both Zed's were safely in the folds of mesh.

then two come along at the same time!
They weren't big fish but very welcome.
The commotion from the double hook-up quietened the swim a little and I only managed one more fish before it got dark, then all went quiet.
I think this deep spot must be a daytime hole that empties at night time when they all go on the prowl!