Monday, 10 October 2011

Like Buses.

A couple of weekends ago I fished one of my favourite swims on the stretch of canal near Long Itchington.
Bites started pretty much straight away but they were very tentative and I was experiencing a lot of dropped takes which were probably from smaller fish. Typically, when I least expected it, I had a run on both rods at the same time but after a bit of rod and net juggling both Zed's were safely in the folds of mesh.

then two come along at the same time!
They weren't big fish but very welcome.
The commotion from the double hook-up quietened the swim a little and I only managed one more fish before it got dark, then all went quiet.
I think this deep spot must be a daytime hole that empties at night time when they all go on the prowl!

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