Saturday, 24 April 2010

Does this count?

Saturday was a more relaxed session, Sharon accompanied me together with a large bag of sandwiches, pork pies and cake and we sat in the sun on the point opposite the island enjoying a few rays, having a bite to eat, Sharon was reading a book and I was wetting a line, how perfect was that. It was even better when one of my alarms signalled a run and after a short tussle I had one of Rytons finest Tench in the bottom of the net, my gillie for the day was on hand to take a picture.
After having three consecutive casts to the front of the island picked up by a Coot within minutes of them touching the water, the PVA hadn't even melted, I moved it's position round to the side of the island to a spot tight up against the overhanging tree's. My gillie left me to my devices at about four thirty and I continued on the point for another hour before moving, I was having a chat with a fellow angler and preparing for the move when the rod to the back of the island decide to spring into life as a second smaller Tench picked up the bait, as soon as it was returned I was off to set a couple of traps for a Carp.
Rigs were cast into their new positions and the wait for a feeding Carp was on. The wait ended up being around two hours but to see the line twitch and tighten up before the spool starts spinning to release line to a running fish is worth the wait. It didn't feel that big, the fight wasn't so hurried and erratic as a Tench and to be honest there wasn't really a fight, I just guided the running fish to my near bank and allowed it to thrash around before netting.
Despite it's small size it is what I was fishing for so I guess it does count although how it managed to get the bait I was using into it's mouth I don't know.

It's a very similar shape to the six pound fish that I had a few weeks ago only a touch smaller at five and three quarters.

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  1. That Carp looks similar to one my dad caught in June last year. I've dug out the photo and added it as the main picture on my blog.

    I can't recall the exact weight of it, but I think it was just under 4lb.

    It was notable as it was such a deep bodied fish - seems like there may be a few more of that strain in the pool.