Sunday, 18 April 2010

A score to settle!

A scorcher of a day compared to what we've been having, even the easterly wind felt warm. I'd set up on Morris's to try a new version of my Method rig and it worked, I had a good Tench on the second chuck so I was all fingers crossed with the hope that a few more Tench and Carp might move onto the bed of bait I was building up.

The second rod was cast towards the tree's as a sleeper rod with the hope of nailing a Carp as they move along that feeding line. It just goes to show that the best laid plans don't always work as they should, the rest of the afternoon/evenings Tench came on this rod and not the Method.

It was getting late and the car park had shut but there was a good half an hour left before the sun set and peace and calm was starting to settle on the lake as everything got ready to sleep, it's a shame it was spoilt by the scream from my alarm as something made off with my bait, line fizzed off the reel as I picked up the rod and leant into the fish, this was not a happy Carp, it hit the surface and thrashed and that's when the hook came out.
The next few minutes was like an extract from Dan's blogs, I marched up and down the bank, arm around my head like I'd just missed a goal for England.

I now have a score to settle with a Carp on the Method.

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