Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cuckoo cuckoo!

Yesterday afternoon/evenings session ended in a blank, everything looked good for a bite but the only thing biting were the midges and with another warm calm day forecast for today I felt I'd have to start early to connect with a fish. I arrived at the lake just as the sun was rising, there was a slight mist on the water and I had the call of a cuckoo coming from the woods behind the lake in the background, lovely.

I had a good look around the lake and couldn't see any visible signs of fish feeding so set up on a peg I know well. First chuck was with a pop up and whilst I was setting up a bankstick with the alarms I had the first take, the line pulled up tight and line started to pull from the reel before stopping, I struck but felt nothing.
A good hour passed before I had another take this time on the bottom bait rod, I was convinced it was a line bite at first as the bobbin rose to the alarm then dropped back but I kept getting twitches on the line, the bobbin rose and dropped again so I decided to pick up the rod and feel for a bite and just as I did the line fell slack so I reeled and lifted the rod then watched the line angle quickly change before connecting with the fish a good thirty metres from where I'd cast the bait, the brief tussle drew a small audience of dog walkers on the path behind me and after netting and weighing my prize I put one of them to work by getting them to take the picture.

12lb 2ozs of fast moving common.

Another hour or so passed and I saw a fish show further around the lake so I decided to make a move and try to connect with a second fish. Not long after putting a bait onto the spot where I'd seen the Carp show, a good sized fish jumped twice, I gave that rod another hour with nothing.
It's nice to see a bit of colour around the lake, this sunny spell is putting some green back on the trees and it won't be long before the fish start heading for the margin cover, it's also nice to hear the 'chitter chatter' of martins overhead, a good sign that summer is on the way.

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