Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thirteen hours and .......

Today's session was only going to be an early, fishing till just after lunch. I'd had a good Tench earlier on after swapping pegs and with the wind pushing onto the island I was sure that a few more would follow.
Just before midday I started to see one or two dark shapes moving in front of the island, I was sure they were Carp. I thought about getting a zig ready and after seeing a fish break the surface I quickly put one together and put it out in amongst the gathering.
I couldn't get tight enough to the island from this swim so permission was sought to extend my session and after a pass was issued I moved to the other side of the lake to get a better angle to the island. I chucked every colour and depth at them but they would not take. It's amazing how quickly time flies, the afternoon disappeared, I gave up at around six I moved over to Morris's to try and settle my score before the sun set.

Thirteen hours and only one Tench!

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