Sunday, 26 July 2009

Jubilee - On the fly!

Cycled up to Jubilee on Friday afternoon to do a spot of fly fishing for Carp and try to christen my new Fly rod after breaking the other a few weeks ago. The BBC weather forecast could not have been more wrong and I spent most of the short session sheltering from the rain and thunder. Waving a carbon rod around during a thunder storm does not encourage long life expectancy, however, in-between the heavy downpours I did manage to get a biscuit fly on the water and fool one of the Carp into taking it, rod christened, result!.

Saturday afternoon/evening was much better, warm and sunny. Peg choice on the horse shoe pool is a bit limited at Jubilee as you need a good amount of clear space behind you for the back cast, arriving in the afternoon meant I could pick the pegs as the anglers left and I managed to secure a peg I normally fish, started to feed biscuits and set up the fly rod. I've been filming these sessions as I'm hoping to put another film on You Tube soon about fly fishing for Carp, when looking back at these films I've noticed that my casting has improved greatly and I'm now able to present a fly without thrashing the water to foam. The Carp have become very wary of slightly odd looking biscuits and it can get a bit frustrating watching the Carp swim up underneath the fly only to nudge it and swim away. I did manage to get three fish on the bank, nothing massive but great fun on a fly rod. One of the fish was very familiar as I've caught it twice before this year.

It has a distinctive curve to the spine (Should call it 'the hunchback')

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