Monday, 28 December 2009

Chub - Another cold one!

I had thought of fishing at Ryton today but after a drive past this morning I could see it was still in a frozen state so it was to be another afternoon on the Avon. I walked a bit further than my previous two trips and fished another stretch that I haven't seen for several years, it looked pretty much as it did then with just a few extra fallen tree's adding some more features to fish to, there were a few larger tree's missing from a couple of swims, these had been cut down and from what I can recall they weren't too safe when I was last there!. The rivers pace was the same as yesterday although the level had dropped a couple of inches, the colour was still very milky so I wasn't too concerned about staying out of sight, I just kept very quiet. The sun was bright and gave a little welcome warmth but the walking kept the body temperature up, it was freezing, frost still lay on the ground in the shadows of the tree's and in areas the sun couldn't reach. It took a while to find a fish and I was on the return leg of my trip after walking about a mile and a half, this particular spot held fish a few years ago so it was worth a try. After trying a piece of flake close to the bank I flicked another bait into the edge of the flow and within minutes it was taken by a hungry Chub, a good start even though I'd just spent the past few hours walking the banks and trying loads of promising swims. I tried a second cast but any other fish would have melted away as they do in the summer months, it's a bit hit and run this Chub fishing, catch a fish then move on.
The second Chub came from the edge of the flow on a large bend, I'd tried a couple of baits in here on my walk up the river and it looked too good not to give it another go on the way back, it used to be one of my 'Guaranteed a fish' spots a few years ago but there used to be a large willow over the river at this spot back then and the Chub used to live under it. I flicked another piece of bread flake out into the flow and let it settle and within a couple of minutes I had a tap on the tip signalling the bait had been picked up,

Chub two was soon in the net.

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