Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ryton Pike - Parts 4 and 5.

Part four was last week which was a complete disaster although I did meet a fellow Leamington club member and blogger Daniel Everitt and we had a good exchange of ideas and thoughts on Carp and Zander so even though I blanked the session was most enjoyable for the information.
Today was much better, I only planned to fish for a few hours over lunch time and I didn't have a clue where to go whilst eating my breakfast this morning, I thought about the canal and Zander but didn't fancy it and settled on a short session for a Ryton Pike. On arrival at Ryton the place was fairly quiet with only the one angler on the road bank, I headed over to the opposite bank and a spot I've been wanting to fish for a while.
Rods were cast out with the usual deadbaits, one free lined with just a small weight sliding on the line, this was the 'chuck it and leave it' sleeper rod, the other bait was under a float which gave me something visual to concentrate on. Today's chilly wind was blowing straight into this peg which made the fishing a bit uncomfortable but the sun was warming on my back as it shone through the tree's. After around twenty minutes I saw a few inches of line pull through the eye's on the free lined bait but nothing further developed and I put it down to the wind, it was only when I decided to bring this rod in and recast that I found I had a Pike chewing on the bait, I think I was as surprised as the Pike!. I soon had it in the net and after dealing with the hooks we both posed for a picture.

9lb on the dot!

I carried on at this peg for a while hoping that another Pike would be in the area before moving around to the back of the island. I left at 2.30pm with just the one fish banked.

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