Friday, 23 July 2010

Between the showers.

What with one thing and another, wetting a line over the last couple of weeks has had to be put to one side, however, I did get onto the bank last Friday and chose Ryton as the venue. Just before the Devon holiday, I'd noticed a couple of spots that had seen regular visits by something fishy and thought it would be worth setting a couple of traps when I had some time and the weed wasn't to heavy around this spot so extracting a Carp shouldn't be too difficult, the weed appears to be starting to die back which is a good thing. Weather wise, Friday had been a bit hit and miss with a few showers during the day but the outlook for the evening was good with clear spells forecast.
I arrived at the lake and wasn't too keen on the dark clouds approaching, I'd just got myself sorted and cast out and the heavens opened complete with a couple of rumbles of thunder, typical!!
I was travelling lite and there was no space for the large umbrella but from experience on past trips it's always worth taking some sort of shelter if heavy showers are forecast and a golf umbrella fits in the landing net stink bag rather nicely.

It was a bit of a squeeze but the stuff stayed dry.

The session was a blank but the place came alive after the heavy rain with plenty of fish showing and a couple of spots seeing some heavy feeding.

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  1. Had another go at ryton this morning (15/08/10) but nothing again. Only managed one tench in four visits over the past month or so. Still weedy, too many IWD's as well today (Idiots with Dogs) jumping in the water. Think I might leave ryton until Sept/Oct time.