Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dancing lessons - part 2

Finding some isotopes bright enough proved a little harder than I thought, I had a couple of colours spare that came with my Solar alarms but they proved to be a bit to small and dim to see clearly, I've settled on the ones I usually use on the tips of my Avon's, their by Drennan are are very bright.

The bobbin's clipped onto the line are working well during daylight and are definitely the best form of indication I've tried for Zed's, just need to fish a night session now to really test them out.

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  1. Hi Roger, Liking your idea, I have the drennans too and some nash featherlite (slack alice) bobbins. Was gonna go out on the Cov canal tonight to try your method (better for a roving approach) but the heavy rain showers earlier put me off.