Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fun with germs!

Half a pint of germs were purchased and with tackle in hand and a short session pass in my pocket I headed off to Ryton for a few hours float fishing. I went armed with both a float rod and an eight metre pole, the pole was to fish as close to some overhanging trees as I could without getting every other cast snagged in the branches, it worked as the first two Perch came to this method but I found I could tease them out by moving the baited area away from the safe haven of the branches, this allowed me to swap to the much preferred float rod. 
Barry was in the same swim as Saturday and was struggling, the wind had changed direction overnight and was blowing across our swims and the tow was in the opposite direction, he still managed to bag a couple of Orfe, Perch, a small Tench and a Roach.

Barry's bag.

I felt a bit of a cheat after using someone else's tackle to up the weight of a fish for the challenge so I was hoping to bag a bigger Perch on this session and it didn't take long to amass a group of likely candidates.

Fifteen ounce Perch

In the space of a few hours (time flies when your having fun) my keepnet contained eight Perch, biggest fifteen ounces beating yesterdays nine oncer, one Rudd and a small Roach.

Good scrap on light tackle
Before the big weigh in I had my tackle and fish playing skills really tested by a good Tench of five pounds which gave an excellent scrap on light gear.

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