Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Big Erection

The long weekend was a welcome break from work and was to be a weekend off wetting a line, hard to believe I know. Apart from going for a few days out with Sharon and Cerys and just spending time with my little girl, there was another underlying reason and that is my bait shack. All the sections have been ready for several weeks stacked under plastic but still getting either very wet or drying out in the hot sun, I've been waiting for the right time to stick all the bits together and find out if all my maths has worked and the whole thing fits together how it does on paper.

Being a bank holiday it had to rain, it was raining as I put the main shell together on Saturday but it did ease off through the day, the shack's erection was very smooth and very quick with only a couple of minor adjustments to the roof as it was being fitted.
Short back and sides.
Front on.
Roof in place.
Plenty of headroom.
The big test for the roof was with the rain on Sunday and it appears to have passed the test as everything has stayed dry inside since then. I only have windows and a door to put in next and the whole thing should be secure, that's when I can get some of the boilie making kit out of it's box and into it's new home.
The view from above.
It'll soon be time to make smells that I'm banned from making in the kitchen.


  1. Looks great, is that your own build or commercial? I'm sure you have already decided, but you need either a very good security alarm and lights, or don't leave tackle in it.
    First thing is a Berco for the hemp - extention lead for power and you're away!

  2. My own design Phil couldn't find a commercial that looked nice, since this blog I've insulated the inside and clad with plasterboard, should be rather snug in winter.