Monday, 16 July 2012

While the cat's away!

You go away on holiday for a week when not a lot is happening at your local water then when you get back you find the builders have moved in, at last, the work at Ryton has begun. There's not a lot to see but I'm impressed with what they've done in such a short time. 

View from the car park.
The view back from peg one.
I like the look of the first corner already, if we could plant some reeds to create some cover it would look even better. I'm going to have to plumb the depth in front of the old information desk (Peg one) to see if the six foot of water is still there, the edge of the new bank is where it used to be.

Barry bids a fond farewell to the old peg one.
The work is scheduled for the next two weeks so should be a quick job, looking forward to getting on there and banking some fish.

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  1. i'm impressed may have a drive out and check it out