Thursday, 18 October 2012

Something Alarming - Part 2.

My new Pike alarm has altered slightly and I think it looks much better, it's been fitted with a new and much louder buzzer, red LED's and it now screws onto buzz bar on my pod, it's also had it's first proper outing for Pike.

Now very loud.
I'm not going to make a big story out of this as I only had the one take all day and Barry fared better with two Pike and a bag of Zander. It was only the second chuck on this rod and the bait had only been on the spot for a few minutes, the take I had was vicious with line being snatched from the clip, the alarm worked great and was certainly startling as I wasn't expecting such a quick take but the scrap that followed was even greater. As soon as I lifted into the fish, the rod took on a curve and I could feel that this was going to be a good one. Several line stripping powerful runs followed with the fish almost tail walking at times, it took a while before it was safely in the net and on seeing it's size the numbers started rolling in my head.
It's a bit of an anti climax when you catch the biggest fish in the lake on the second cast of the first outing of the new season but I couldn't help smiling as I'd upped my PB, only by two ounces but I'd upped it.
My biggest Pike is now eighteen and a half pounds, next target has to be a twenty!


  1. The only picture I have gives away the spot and I'm going to keep this one under my hat, sorry.