Monday, 31 December 2012

Bah Humbug! it's the years end.

This is another one of those blogg's, an excuse, about why there's been a lack of blogging.
It's not that I haven't been fishing, I have, several times and the catches have either been very small and not worth talking about or I just haven't caught anything.
The last two trips should have seen fish on the bank but they just weren't there. A couple of weeks ago we were on the river, the Avon, fishing for Pike and Zed's. The first excuse was the river, it was near normal level after a flood but was fairly pacey with plenty of colour. Number two was that there was a match on the stretch we originally wanted to fish so the day's plans were straight out of the window, we moved to a stretch below where the match was being held but it was too snaggy, excuse number three, I think I lost more tackle than Bailey's sells.
Then there was Ryton for Pike, Barry's been catching plenty so things were looking up. Number 4, someone was already on the spot we fancied and had caught a very good Pike earlier on in his session so the chances of catching another along these few pegs on the same day were very slim, we gave it a go anyway. After an hour of bobbin watchin' we moved around to the back of the island but I don't really want to talk about why I didn't catch there. (5) You don't catch many Pike when you chuck your sardine up a tree and it's really embarrassing when you get seen doing it! We continued to fish the remainder of the session along the new road bank, first time for me and my baits were left totally untouched.
So much for the end of the year, I was hoping to have blogged about a double figure Zander or a two pound Roach but they'll still be there next year and fingers crossed, a little bigger. The one thing I am very pleased with is my new PB Pike, eighteen and a half pounds, very nice.

Roll on next year's 'Duck' challenge!

Loser takes home!
Barry has been introduced to his new fishing buddy!

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