Sunday, 30 June 2013


I just thought I'd try and squeeze this one in so the June section of my blog list isn't a blank, the apology is for the lack of blogging, there's not a lot going on, I've only been out a couple of times since my last blog and there's only so many fly fishing trips I can talk about and blanks are not even worth wasting keyboard time over.
However, on my last blanking trip, after Zander, I had a little experiment with something a little different as bait. Sea baits are not commonly used for Zander however I have caught several Zander using both Sprat and Mackerel, on this trip I was giving Squid a go as I had some left over after a bit of a cooking session the night before, I love squid.
I didn't think things were going to work as we remained bite less for a good two hours, a local passer by informed us that the short stretch of canal we were fishing had been drained for maintenance over the winter and the fish moved, after wasting a couple of hours here we made a move to another short stretch which we'd both not fished before. It looked promising, very fishy with plenty of features, Barry made a B-line for an area he liked the look of and I did the same. My first chuck in with the squid resulted in a good pull and a fish on but it threw the hook before I could confirm it's identity, the Squid seemed to be working.
I had a couple more dropped takes during the session so the slimy white stuff looks as though it'll be on my list of Zed baits for future sessions, I'll be definitely giving it a go again.
That'll be one bag of frozen squid for me and one for the freezer bait drawer.

Just needs fish.
Something I have been working on is another garden DIY project, a raised pond. More on that later.

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