Tuesday, 31 December 2013

That was a quack one!

Well that was a quick one, don't know where this year has gone.
The last couple of sessions have been on a new Zander spot we've found, we were originally after Pike but these alternative toothed ones found our dead baits and at a good average size they were more than welcome to have a chew on the fishy snacks. On our last session I was convinced that this years little yellow fishing companion was residing in my fishing bag but I was wrong. I'd forgotten the two one defeat from a couple of weeks ago and Barry was indeed the keeper of the quacking one.
On our last session on the bank for this years challenge I was convinced the duck was heading my way as Barry had a double take within the first hour, both were missed, shame!. Barry lost a fish at the net which would have made things interesting if he'd managed to keep a hook  in it. I had to wait until the witching hour kicked in before I had a good take and the first fish on the bank, it was a good fish but an even better feeling to be one up.

Nice Zed just over four
An even better feeling came on the next cast when I became two up after a second slightly smaller fish.
Sorry Barry, better luck next year??
Have a quacking of a new year everyone.

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