Friday, 24 April 2015

Morning Exercise

Did a spot of morning exercise last Saturday at Ryton, no, not running or cycling, did a spot of peg building.

Compost corner was in desperate need of something firm to stand on, the muddy bank was slippery at the best of times and eroding away quickly, even with the longest of landing net handles it was still a good stretch to find water deep enough to land a fish.

What this peg needed was a wooden box back filled with rubble and made level, so, this is exactly what me and Barry built.

Swinging the sledge.
I also donned the chest waders to clear tackle from a few snags and overhanging tree's, I cut back a fair few branches here and there around the pool but was careful not to overdo it and spoil the spots.

Up to my Nicky Nacky Noo's!
Now, which branch next??
It's amazing how deep it is so close in!!!

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