Saturday, 9 May 2009

Plenty of Tench

Saturday 9th, A early start finds me looking for the visible signs of Carp feeding. I already had a peg in mind and dropped my stuff off before having a look around. It didn't take long as I found them feeding in the peg next door.

There were plenty of Carp showing on the surface with a few appearing from a feed on the bottom, I got the rods ready and waited for a suitable casting opportunity, one wrong cast now and they would disappear from this area. I cast a pop-up towards an area where a few fish had been feeding and left this hoping that they would return. My bottom bait rod was eventually cast to another area where the Carp looked to have been feeding.

After about an hour the bottom bait was picked up by what I thought was a carp by the way it took line, the strike met little resistance and the first Tench of the day was soon in the net.

At around 9.30ish, I had a slow constant pull on the pop-up rod, I looked towards where the bait was cast expecting to see a coot pulling at the boilie but instead saw a fish explode on the surface and a bow wave head out into the main body of the lake. The peg I was fishing is on a bit of a corner with the main part of the lake behind some tree's so the rod tip had to be kept close to the water and at times under it, to avoid the overhanging branches, it felt a good fish and pulled like stink between all the stopping and head shaking. I eventually got the Carp into the net and my prize was a rather nice plump Mirror Carp with not many scales, it weighed in at 15lb 2 oz.

A fresh pop-up went back out to the same area but I didn't think any more Carp would come from this spot due to all the commotion caused by the mirror. I continued to get interest in the bottom bait from Tench and banked another four before the session finished.

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