Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A sad sight

Last weekend was a complete washout. The rain didn't help things but I did have a plan and put it into action on Friday evening just before the rain arrived. I had a bottom bait in position on a spot I've been watching and baiting for a while. Everything seemed perfect til I 'got done', a large Mirror Carp lept almost clear of the water right over my bait. I left the bait alone for a while but nothing further developed.

Saturday morning was better weather wise, the fishing was a tad slow, fished the same spot as Friday and managed one dropped run and an average sized Tench. It was on my way back to the car park that I noticed something no Carp angler likes to see, a dead Mirror Carp I estimated it to be around 10lb. It had a large hole in it's side so something had fed on it, probably a rat, mink or something similar, I couldn't see any other signs of how it died and looked as though it had been there for a couple of days but what saddened me most was the way it was left on the disabled peg for all to see, not a good advert for the club. I removed the carcass to a spot out of the way.

Sunday was a blank, I chose a peg that had done well for me over the past month and put baits onto the likely spots. Nothing sniffed at any of the baits not even a Tench, I don't think I could have bought a bite.

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