Tuesday, 13 October 2009

After dark Zed

Saturday afternoon, the plan was to fish a few likely looking areas of the canal where a zander or two might hold up when not on the feed, the goal was to be in the spot I had the big one last week just as it gets dark then stay there till late. We both struggled for a while but Barry was the first to bank a Zed of around three pound, a good start. I followed that with one of around a pound which was OK as I was catching but things could have been better.

We tried to locate a few more Zed's before dark but failed so we made or way to the final peg of the night just as the light started to fade and settled down for a few hours fishing. It was cloudy and we had a good orange glow from the city centre behind us, we even had a firework display at one point. Not long after dark I had a tap on one of the rod tips followed by a second, I picked the rod up and payed out a small amount of slack line and as soon as I felt a pull I struck into a head shaker, It felt good and put a reasonable bend into the 2lb test Carp rod, it stayed deep right to the net and I wasn't disappointed when I saw it hit the back of the net, it looked a good fish.
After a quick service with the tool kit and a picture or two I was very pleased to see the scales pull round to 5lb 2oz's.

Whilst resting the Zed in the margins Barry had a run on one of his rods which was dropped as he hit it, this was the only activity we saw for the rest of the evening.

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