Monday, 19 October 2009

The Quest for an Urban Zed - Part 4

Friday, Coventry canal, the same stretch as last week. The tall tree's were the first target swim, there was more than one fish in there last week and I was aiming to catch more than one today. Things looked good as within a few minutes of casting in my first bait in I had a slow steady tightening of the line, I struck and missed but the hook came back minus the bait, I had two more casts with the same result, each cast had a smaller bait as the fish from this swim last week was no monster. After chucking out the fourth bait of a small section of Roach I had success and the first fish was soon on the bank. It wasn't long before a second fish took the small Roach mounted on a double hook which is a pattern that I've not tried before and seemed to do the trick with these smaller baits and fish.

A third was not far behind.

Three small Zander within the first hour was a good start but everything fell quiet and it was time for a move. I headed back in the direction of the city centre and stopped at a few spots along the way that looked as though they would hold a fish or two, nothing. The final couple of pegs I fished as it got dark and the first was the spot where I had a fish over four pound last week and then the basin next to the treble four tunnel, I was expecting to see some action here as there were shoals of prey fish on the surface all over this area. Packed up at around 8.30pm with no more takes.

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