Monday, 16 November 2009

No fishing - China Trip

I've not added much to my blog for the last two weeks as I've not been fishing. Since bonfire night I've been hard at work in China, three days in Shanghai and six days in Shaoxing with a very long flight at each, However turned out that one of the people I was working with is as passionate about fishing as I am.
I was invited out on a couple of fishing trips but the amount of work I had to do and the jet lag meant that I had to decline. (On this trip, next time I'm taking my own rod!)

All the work was finished last Friday so on Saturday morning I was introduced to the local tackle shop in Shaoxing. My new friend Terry was on hand to translate for me and a couple of photos of fish that I had in a small photo album I take with me on these trips helped bridge the language barrier and brought a sense of mutual respect to the gathering in the shop.

The fishing out there is totally different to here in the UK, rods are much longer and are nearly all telescopic, lines are fished lighter with end tackle looking more like it should be hanging from the end of a 16 metre pole. There were some spinning outfits on display but I was told that these were not good for the fish in the area where we were. I bought a small fly reel for a lighter fly fishing set-up for next year and a couple of lures for my spinning box.

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