Monday, 30 November 2009

Ryton Pike - Part 2

I started the session off with a good deed. After seeing another angler struggling with a good sized pike I offered a helping hand, it was nicely hooked in the bottom jaw so wasn't to difficult to deal with and after weighing and a little instruction on the best way to hold a Pike, photo's were taken, the Pike weighed 15lb 12ozs. The angler did give me his name but all I can say is that I've had a senior moment since then and have completely forgotten it, apologies, maybe you could drop me an email if your reading this and remind me?

The day didn't go too well for me, after seeing where this Pike was caught I chose to fish the far side of the lake well away from any commotion that may have occurred, I did get one run but this failed to develop into a fish on the end of the line. I tried two other pegs and called it a day when I couldn't see my floats any more for the lack of light.

Another blank!

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  1. Hi Roger, Glad you didnt mention I was trying to lever its mouth open with a branch! Your timing was perfect, thanks for your help - Andy