Friday, 1 October 2010

A Couple of Quick Ones!

Last week was pretty quiet and I only ventured onto the bank a couple of times for some quick short sessions.
The first was last Friday evening for a few hours on the canal near the Blue Lias, bites were scarce until the lights switched off and then I only had the one take. It didn't half pull back and  when I switched on the headlamp I was most impressed to see a Zed slide over the cord and into the net.

The next session was near Tusses on Saturday afternoon/evening, I fished into darkness again but  the only fish of the session came on the second cast having missed a take on the first cast only a few seconds before. It was a perfect evening, still, calm, with a big bright moon lighting everything up, it was very comfortable to fish, the only thing lacking was a few more bites.

Things might be a bit quiet with this blog over the next few weeks as I've just got the keys for the new house and I have a new rod room/tackle den to decorate and move into.


  1. Stunning zander. Biggest I've seen come out of the canal. Did you weigh it?

  2. It was probably getting on for 4lb, not the biggest by far, check out October last years blogs!!