Sunday, 31 October 2010

A new home for the gear!

The move to the new house went smoothly and at last the broadband has been re-connected. All the fishing gear, and I can't believe how much there was, is now in it's new room at the top of the house but it's yet to be sorted through.

Organised fishing chaos!
The attic space was claimed as my den just after we viewed the house and there's plenty of room for all the gear to be stored, I'm looking forward to slapping a bit of olive green paint on the wall's and getting the rod rack up and organised. The bait is the only thing that will have to be stored elsewhere, which is something that Sharon has banned from her new kitchen, the boilie making, so I'm looking for a suitable garden shed to convert into a bait shack!
I have wanted to venture onto the bank over the past couple of weeks but I've either had walls to paint, paper to hang or furniture to build and there's still loads to do. It's the second bout of man flu in as many weeks keeps me from venturing out today.

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  1. Hopefully the man flu keeps you from DIY as well!