Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Forget planning, get a lucky leprechaun!

Plan A quickly turned into Plan B on Friday after I found that the stretch of canal I fancied having a bash for Zander on was still under a thick layer of Ice. Plan B was very slow, however, I did have a couple of gentle inquiries that lifted the bobbin and my spirits but they didn't result in any positive takes. Plan B turned into B for Blank.

The same went for Saturday afternoon along the Coventry canal between Hawksbury and Bedworth,  there was a fair amount of ice drifting around and plenty of boat activity. I tried a couple of spots that I caught from last year but nothing was in the mood for feeding, I ended up at one of Jeff's spots for the last hour into darkness but still no takes.

Sunday, time for a change, after having a quick look at Ryton on Saturday and finding it almost  clear of Ice, I decided on a session with a Pike in mind. I had two rods set up with floats for deadbaits, I took a third rod with a standard float set up and half a tub of maggots to try and tempt a Perch. The Perch thing was a waste of time as the float remained stationary for nearly two hours so I made the decision to knock it on the head and put both deadbait rods out. Things were really slow without any runs and I did have a move around to try and find the fish but it was only when Barry turned up for a chat and a look around the pool that my luck turned. A couple of taps on one of the floats turned into a very slow run, something had definitely picked up the herring and was making off with it so I struck and felt a reasonable resistance on the end. The fight was pretty uneventful though and after a very short tussle a small Pike drifted into the net. 

At 7lb 12ozs (17%) it's not big but at least I've managed to get another species on the board and it's a weight I can now work on increasing through the year.

Sharon thinks I might have a lucky leprechaun!!

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