Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Shopping for baby.

I managed to fit a couple of sessions in this weekend between the shopping trips for baby stuff, just over a month to go now.
Friday's short session on the Avon ended up as a blank, I completely missed the only take of the evening and it was bloody cold down there, it felt colder than it did over Christmas.
Sunday was only ever so slightly better with one fish on the bank. I visited Ryton to try and improve my Pike score on the challenge board but the only fish of the day ended up being smaller than my best effort so far at just over five pounds.

This Pike had a special pectoral fin on one side or rather a lack of one, I dare say it's been caught before, anyone recognise it?

Anybody caught this one before?

Something different I did try on this trip was popping up my deadbaits and it seemed to work quite well as the hooks were coming in clear of bottom debris, when left to sit on the bottom they usually come in choked with weed. The half a herring standing up off the bottom must have looked irresistible to this Pike, it tore off with the bait at some speed and I was convinced it was bigger.

I might try popping up the Zander baits on my next Zed hunt.


  1. nice jack pike roger can u tel if river avon at ryton is free fishing or do i need a l.a.a book 2 fish there

  2. Ha ha, I had that larger one at Ryton last year that had one gregory! Might be something in the blood line?

  3. Andrew
    Most of it is on the Plough book but the sections aren't marked clearly. I've joined the Bagington A.C. for the short section by Rook farm at the back of the airport, the rest I'm not sure about, I've seen a few people down there but I've never been challenged or charged a day ticket, I'll just carry on fishing those bits till I do.

  4. cheers for the info mate thanks alot