Friday, 4 March 2011

She's here!

After much pushing and shoving baby Cerys arrived at ten on Wednesday night and what a gorgeous little girl she is.

Cerys Mair Booth

A forced close season, for all waters, has just been imposed on any chances of some decent fish catching exploits for at least the next couple months, this little one should keep me fully occupied for that period of time.
I am hoping to get out but it won't be until Sharon has fully recovered and Cerys has got into some sort of routine, best laid plans and all that!


  1. Well done you two, you have a beautiful daughter there and she's gonna be the best thing you ever did, I'll guarantee it!

    Hope the missus is feeling well Roger? Take take of her mate, she'll be a bit fragile probably.

    You should try to get out though once the initial shock has worn off, just to put it all into perspective. I remember walking about ten feet tall for a week or so...


  2. Nice end to a 9 month story- congratulations.

  3. Sincere congratulations Roger, the birth of a child is one of happiest times in anyone's life.

    Take care of your girls now, and try not to cry with euphoric happiness at every song on the radio (I did for about a week afterwards).

    The fishing will keep.

  4. Congratulations to both of you, you'll soon be an expert on nappy changing and fuctioning without much sleep.

    Don't worry too much about things, it all comes naturally.

  5. Great news Roger hope you are all well.

    I will soon be heading down to the mistress so expect to see you walking her around soon.

    Have you measured her up for her first rod yet



  6. Congratulations to you both, she is beautiful.

    Don't worry about the fishing we will all do some in your honour Roger and we all know first chance you get you will sneak out when there both having a nap.

  7. Well done to both parents. A really lovely little girl. Sod the fishing for a while, I know how full your hands will be for the foreseeable future. Anyway, when you do get back to it you'll be so refreshed. Any break from nappy changing, getting up at 2, 3 or 4 in the morning etc etc.

  8. Congratulations.

    ben van kapel