Saturday, 26 February 2011

I'm Chubbing in the rain.

All week I though about having a couple of hours on the bank on Friday afternoon, that was providing the baby didn't put in an appearance. Friday arrived and as soon as I got home from work I got changed and readied the gear, as soon as I stepped out of the house it started spitting with rain which is typical, I had seen the forecast so knew it was going to be a rather damp session and as I was travelling light, no brolly. 

It only takes fifteen minutes to reach the river from the house and I had the first Chub on the bank by three thirty albeit a small Chublet.

After catching one fish I would normally move to another swim and return later but I took a chance and lobbed in another lump of Kingsmill. The flow was quite strong with a good few inches of extra water pushing through and lots of colour, I was hoping that the large piece of bread would tempt one of the bigger Chub that live under the tree I was fishing to and it wasn't long before a tremble in the quiver tip turned into a full blown take, the fish pulled well in the extra flow but I coaxed it up stream before dropping it back into the waiting net.

3lb 3oz

It took a while to find the next fish but I arrived at a spot that normally holds a fish or two, after a couple of chucks I had to start changing shot to allow the bait to 'go with the flow' and find the fish, they were much further down the swim than normal. I should have used a float really and trotted the flake down to them but I managed to get the balance of shot just right to allow the bait to trundle along the bottom to the waiting Chub. A couple of taps on the tip and I struck into another fish which stayed deep and almost buried itself under my own bank, it was a good Chub and I recognised it by it's chewed up tail, I'd had this fish at the beginning of the year but on this occasion it only went three pound and twelve ounces, it had lost weight rather than put it on.

3lb 12ozs (3lb 15ozs last time)

I went for a walk today to see if the overnight rain had put a few more inches of water on the river, it was very close to the top of the bank so the inches were more like feet. 

Baby permitting, I was thinking about having a short session on the Avon tomorrow as I'd found a fair few worms whilst out on my travels earlier but if the water level is in the field in the morning then the plans may change.


  1. Well done to you both,she looks a little cracker