Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jammy Git!

Saturday morning and the first time fishing on the Leam at Mill Gardens. The park keeper was just unlocking the gates as we arrived for a session on the river. Barry was after one of the Pike he was familiar with along this stretch, I was fishing both feeder and deadbait and would be happy with anything that swam.
Both rods were already set up and ready to go and the feeder was first out, the popped up mackerel was a bit fiddly and took a few minutes to prepare before being positioned mid stream it was then that I heard my name being called, Barry was in already! The fish put up a good scrap staying out of sight, when we saw a pale belly we both thought 'good Zed', it wasn't, it was a good Pike though and pulled the scales round to 13lb 2ozs.

Jammy Git!

After an hour I had a run on my deadbait rod and pulled into what seemed a good weight though the Avon's do give a bit. It was a pike and it put up a reasonable scrap for a smallish fish, at just over seven pounds it wasn't going to improve the scores on the doors but it was nice to get a fish on the bank in front of the small audience that had stopped to watch.

Smile for the audience!

The feeder rod remained still all morning without the slightest of quivers, there were a few other anglers along this stretch and they all remained biteless, I did get a second run on the deadbait rod but whatever picked up the bait can't have liked the taste of Herring and dropped it after a few yards.

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  1. looks like you had a good days fishing m8 keep it up m8t