Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ditch the circle.

I fished a quarter mile stretch of the oxford canal on Sunday, it doesn't sound far but took a while as I was leapfrogging from feature to feature in search of a Zed or two. I wasn't having much luck until I reached a spot that I'd caught from before and I had my first take.

On one of the rods I was trying a circle hook pattern to expand on the single hook traces I was playing around with last autumn, this rod just happened to be the one to receive all the runs that were to come.

Soon to be ditched.

I lost the first fish, as I lifted into the take I felt something kick on the end for a split second before the bait was spat out without the hook catching hold. After checking the bait and hook point I flicked it back out into the same spot and within a few minutes it was off again, this time I left the bite a little longer hoping for the fish to hook itself, the same thing to happened again. After missing a third run the decision was made to ditch the circle hook trace and revert back to the trusty size two Drennan. This was a big improvement as the hook instantly found a secure hold on the fourth run. Not a big fish at a pound and six ounces (Six percent) but a slight improvement on the one I had last week.

Focus error on the camera forced me to use my phone.

Typically, all the bites stopped after I caught this fish, it must have been the only one there.

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