Sunday, 12 February 2012

Art for Africa

During a Christmas visit to my parents, I saw an old friend from my art college days at Bangor. Claire is off to Uganda later this year to do some work with a charity, EAP (East African Playgrounds), to raise funds she asked me to produce a piece of art for an exhibition in March/April with an auction on the last day of the exhibition to raise cash.

I racked my brains for weeks thinking about what to paint or draw as it's not something I do much of these days, I thought back to some work I'd done at university and remembered something 'Fishy' based that I'd created for a fashion illustration project.

Torn Paper Illustration, 1990.
Rather than give this piece in to be exhibited/auctioned I had a flood of inspiration and decided to chop up some of my old fishing mag's and create something new.

It's taken dozens of pictures of Carp to create this one.
I'm quite pleased with my results so far but I've started work on a second piece made in the same way, more on that soon.

The EAP Art Exhibition will be on from March 23rd to April 6th at the 'Seven' cafe/bar on Blenheim Terrace, Leeds, LS5 3JH.


  1. That's a brilliant bit of art - i would give it a place on my wall any time. What size is the picture?

  2. Hi Phil, It's 12" wide by 18" high.