Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Finishing touches.

Another big thank you to Barry, Ian, Baz and Andy for helping with all the new pegs along the far bank at Ryton, this time it's from the R.L.S.A.A committee members, I reported on how the peg renovation was proceeding at the meeting this week and showed some pictures of the now finished pegs, it all went down rather well.
Three of the pegs are now finished, Morris's, the 'Peg with no name' as it's now called and the log swim, (Just minus a few big logs just to finish it off) there's a little work to do on the grassy bank with a couple of steps and a low fence to put in but it is fishable, I've kept the orange tape around the peg to let non anglers know that there's part of that bank now missing!

Morris's ready to go.
Peg with no name.
It now has a name - 'Peg with no name'
The log swim.
The Ryton Crew - Baz, Barry, Ian and Me.
The grassy bank.
The not so steep Grassy Bank
The next big job will be putting a platform in on the steep swim, I'm not sure how this will work out as the bank behind this peg is so steep but I'm sure I can be creative with the stepping to make it comfortable to use. Work will start on this the weekend after Easter. (April 14th) Any help will be welcome by all.

I'm hoping to get some fishing in over the Easter break but looking at the weather we're having today (Strong wind driven rain, sleet and a touch of snow) then plans may change.


  1. I glanced across the lake this week as I drove past and thought those platforms were new but then thought maybe I'd just not noticed them before or become used to them, so you just answered the question

    Is the lake any good for anything other than carp? It's only 5 minutes from my house, it'd be rude not to give it a go sometime. Presumably it's day ticket from the visitor centre? I know...too many questions!


  2. No day tickets from the visitor centre George but available by prior arrangement with the Association secretary Anthony Simmons (see LAA website for contact).

    I fished on the very peg pictured above this afternoon and had a dozen tench and five nice rudd to an ounce shy a pound off it.

    I would also like to record a note of thanks to all those who helped put the pegs in. It has already totally transformned that side in terms of comfort for fishing. Cracking job!

  3. Thanks Keith...the clue would've been in the post then (RLSAA) and in my Leamington book. April 6th 2012 will not go down as a good day for me?!