Monday, 26 March 2012

Three more in!

The first thing I would like to say is a big thank you to Barry, Ian and Andy for turning up last Saturday morning to help install a few platforms. My plan was to install platforms on the peg next to Morris's and the log swim but the legs of these first two went in surprisingly quickly so we put in a third set at the base of the grassy bank.

Barry, Ian and Andy.
The first platform top was a bit of a struggle as we had to walk it down from the cage to the lake, but with a corner each and a few stops along the way we had it installed and I couldn't wait to jump on it and try it out. The next two platform tops were a breeze, we borrowed a sack truck from the guy's working on the miniature railway up near the cage and trundled them down to the lake in no time. 
(A big thank you the railway boys)

Peg next to Morris's - Before.

Peg next to Morris's - With box.

Log swim - Before.
Log swim - Platform installed.
Just because the platforms are in doesn't mean they are finished. I returned on Sunday to find Ian fishing the peg I wanted to continue boxing in, he helped out as I worked around his rods installing more timber then we began to back fill. To make a good job of these pegs we could do with some rubble/brick/stone of some sort to stop any water ingress as the levels return to normal from washing away the soil, if anyone living locally has any to get rid of, please get in touch.

The Grassy Bank swim.
The biggest job out of these three pegs will be the grassy bank, it's very steep and will need loads of stepping and levelling so I will be there again this Saturday morning (31st March) Any help will be appreciated by all.

Despite all the noise and disruption we were creating, alarms were ringing around the lake and a few Tench were putting in an appearance, a couple of Carp came out later on Saturday which is always good to hear.

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