Sunday, 18 March 2012


You know who you are!

Found this stuffed in the bushes whilst at Ryton today, TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME.

It ain't rocket science, put the empty bag into your rucksack and either put it in the bin in the car park before you leave or put it in your wheelie bin at home. Don't just let someone else do it.

Still, nice of you to let everyone know what your using as bait, Mainline Activ-8, the fresh frozen ones.

Ta very much!


  1. Err, sorry guv, won't do it again, on your watch...


    Roger, it drives me frickin' mad too. What's the %^$'s up with these arseholes?

  2. Left by people who call themself "anglers" .

    Gets right on my nerves Roger, some of the waters round my way I am forever finding litter like it, be that food packets, empty tins of luncheon meat or other random bait packets. If you can bring it full up then you sure as heck can take the packets home when they are empty, people who go around doing this need a good flogging in my opinion.

  3. What about the guys who leave all their dog ends lying around, sometimes in the water for the fish to have a go on? No wonder we get a bad name?