Sunday, 18 March 2012

Morris's - Facelift.

All the materials for the new pegs along the far bank are now at Ryton ready to rebuild and generally give the swims along that bank a face lift. With help from Barry, I made a start today on Morris's, it didn't need much doing to it and I've always fancied boxing it in and levelling the area off to make things less slippy when it rains, some people will say that it didn't need anything doing to it as it's a perfectly usable peg but when finished it should be very comfortable to fish from.

Barry's best side!
Al boxed in.
The above pictures are a couple taken during the construction, which was a breeze as I'd knocked up the basic frame at home on Saturday, it was just  a matter of screwing together on the bank and digging the trenches to sit it into. I've made a start on the bank behind this new box levelling it off and using the clay/soil to infill the box, any excess soil will be used on the peg next door.

This is what the new look Morris's looks like when I left today, It's usable if a little sticky after the heavy shower this afternoon.

View straight out.
The pick axe on the slab is about the same size as a pod with soft ground on either side if bank sticks are preferred.

View from the left.
You can see that there's still loads to be levelled out at the back of this peg, there's also another six platforms to go in on some of the other pegs along this bank so any help next Saturday (24th March)will be very welcome, just bring a shovel or a sledge hammer. 


  1. Roger,

    Well done mate. A big thumbs up to you and Barry for your efforts? Its my aim to actually get up there this spring, so may see you about?

  2. Lovely touch with the foliage boys!

    Baz, Let's do a job on your Warwick stretch during the off season too... strim a small path up to those wilds. Late May / early June is the best time.