Monday, 26 May 2014

Canal Lump.

I've never really thought of fishing the canal's for Carp but it's really starting to appeal to me. There are some very good fish in these little waters but you do have to put the time and effort into finding them and it's not easy.
The particular spot I fished last week is one I've fished a few times and had smaller Carp from but after speaking to local passers by the bigger ones are often seen.
I currently have real confidence in my Ryton3 baits and spread a good quantity along the far margin which is where the Carp tend to hang out along this stretch. My usual 'Donkey Choker's' were the bait and all I could do was sit back and wait for a take. I waited for around an hour before I got the only run of the day, but it was well worth the effort.
Almost as deep as the swim it came from.
It's my first canal twenty.

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