Monday, 26 May 2014

Those Dirty Rat's!

I did an evening session at Ryton last Friday, lovely and sunny and the Carp were all over the place basking in the late afternoon sunshine, some were looking rather 'frisky' in the warmer sheltered corners so it won't be long till they start to spawn.
I only managed the one Carp as well as one very good Tench. I had loads of takes, they were probably smaller Tench but I'm using proper 'donkey choker' sized boilies as hook baits to try and deter them and it seems to be working as I've had hardly any Tench this year.

Hard fight in the shallows.
The Rat population appears to be on the rise around the lake and I must warn everyone that they are stealing baits. Midway through the session, I went to my rucksack to get my boilie bag out to re-bait my spots with a couple of dozen boilies, but, ended up turning everything over looking for the baits, they weren't there? I walked up and down the bank thinking I'd left them where I'd been sitting earlier but nothing, I even thought that Barry had pulled a stunt and hidden them but just as was about to shout out to him I caught a glimpse of one corner of the bag right in amongst the brambles at the back of the peg, the little boilie munching ba****ds had only lifted it out of my bag and dragged it under the bushes, chewed holes in the mesh and devoured about half a kilo of my Ryton three's.
I will be hanging the bag up from now on!

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