Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fishings been a bit 'Ruff'

Fishing has been a bit quiet lately, I've been away in China again with work so I have missed a couple of weekends fishing opportunities but do hope to get out this week.
I've had a couple of Zandering trips with Barry and he's doing a grand job of looking after the little yellow fella! (Quack quack!!)
I have just found a picture of a fish I caught earlier in the year and thought I'd post it for a reaction!
This is the 'Daddy'!
What is the British record weight for a Ruff as I've never seen one this big before?

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  1. The record is 5 ounce, 8 Dram, Roger. Yours looks huge. I had one down the Cov Canal when fishing with Keith Jobling. It was massive too. At least three times the size of any I'd even caught before. It was around the same size as yours. I didn't weight it— but did weigh small perch afterwards and about the same size because it had occurred to me that It really was a specimen fish. I reckon about three ounces? Can't imagine what a six would look like!