Thursday, 1 January 2015

First Fish of 2015

First day of the new year and a spot of Zandering was on the cards, I headed for one of my favourite spots that always throws up a fish or two and the weather was a bit kinder than it has been over the last week. The wind was a tad stronger than I would have prefered but a row of tree's on the opposite bank kept the gusts at bay. I had takes almost straight away but they were either dropped or failed to connect and the seems to be very typical of the Zandering of late, I put it down to small immature fish playing with more than a gob full!
After a quick move I did manage to connect but only after letting the fish take enough line to hang itself, an average sized Zed for this stretch of canal, it was also my first fish of 2015 so very welcome indeed.
Crap photo alert!

Zedlet or Zanderling?
I had another fish from the same spot on the next cast but this was less than average in terms of size.
The end of last year saw both the fishing and blogging suffer, I even went without fishing for over a month so had nothing to blog about. The fishing was mostly for Zander with the odd attempt at a Pike thrown in.
Boxing Day
Still, one plus point is that I was not the keeper of the little 'quacker' at the end of 2014!!

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