Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cut Zedding

On the cut again and it was a tad milder than last weekend but blowing a little. I'd put float gear on this week as I fancied a break from watching the bobbins and I do like to see the float bob around and slide away when a predator takes but they weren't to stay on for long, the wind kept pulling a bow into the line and dragging the bait from it's position, so I quickly changed back to a bottom rig.
It was a new stretch for us and a slow start, Barry's rod was first to show interest but it faded to nothing as quickly as it started, we moved around a few likely looking spots but it took an age to get the first fish on the bank. I had one rod on a spot that screamed 'Zander hole' and another of to the front of some dead reeds, this was the rod to be first off, not a big fish but I was off the board, a cast back to the same spot and within minutes had a take and lost a second. The rod was put straight back and I had another take as soon as the bait was on the bottom, three takes in fifteen minutes and I was two up. Barry was the next to find a sweet spot and had two fish in fairly quick succession, one of them a decent size.

Show us yer teeth!!
We were level pegging at the half way mark and after I made a fruitless leapfrog along a stretch of reeds and grasses on the far bank and worked my way to a spot I liked the look of, it was a slight narrowing of the canal but when I arrived it didn't look any narrower. The wind was a bit stronger on this bit with no cover on the far bank and my rod tips were bouncing all over the place in the gusts and the bobbins were having a good dance around, bite indication was very difficult but I noticed the line drop slack from the rod tip then pull tight, the bait hadn't been on the spot for long and I was into my third fish and a reasonable size too.

I had another, smaller Zed off the same spot before we called it a day.

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